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Will Android tick?

For any platform to tick, its security strategy should be strong. Incase of Android its meticulously done as each android package file installed on the device gets its own unique key – a Linux user id. This creates a sandbox for it and does not allow other apps to touch it. This id remains as [...]

Sybase signing up for Android

Sybase, Inc – a enterprise infrastructure and mobile software provider has announced its plans to expand the support on mobile platforms to include devices based on Android. Currently, Sybase hoards a wide range of devices/platforms, middleware, mobile services and supports versions of WM, Symbian, Palm, RIM and iPhone hand held devices. The reasons for Sybase [...]

Boom in Newspaper Industry??

Recently, the Wall Street Journal website told shareholders that they would increase subscribers to online edition more than tenfold by scrapping its subscription model. The man behind this was Rupert Murdroch, who already has a history of newspaper industry revolution. This followed the announcement of purchase of Dow Jones by Mews Corp. The was [...]

Database for Android

Announcement of Android release has triggered a series of announcements and one latest among them is from db4objects. They announced that their database run smoothly on Android. db4o provides a fast and secure, native Java object database that makes it easy to store objects and share data between applications. As we know in Android, Java [...]

“Mobile” Trends

High Cost and sometimes lack of interest are reasons for sluggish demand of mobile content. Media companies need to give a good mix of cheap content to increase the demand. Easier access to content like news, video through widgets or gadgets should be cheaper and provided by carriers. According to a research, messaging is the [...]

Google and SYS-CON’s double bonanza

Sys-con has always been a forerunner in software development with all it’s online and offline resources and the announcement of the launch of “Google Developer’s Journal” and “Google Developer Summit” is no surprise. The first summit will be held in New York on 21-22, April 2008. The event will have discussions on the impact Google’s [...]

Gadgets Gala

Google Gadgets are mini applications built using HTML, Javascript(JS), Flash or Silverlight for dynamic behaviors. To know more about this you can hit  Google Gadgets API. This has a lot of exciting features that can be exploited to make your web site look good. Google Gadgets API can be used as a proxy for some [...]

2008 Google Apps?

Google Sites will be the enhanced version on Google Page Creator already available within Apps Google Mobile Updater app that updates the various Google properties that now launches standalone apps too, for example a Google New icon Google Docs may have OCR capabilities to import graphical files and pdf. This may allow upload and download [...]

Peek on Third Party Mobile Apps

IPod Touch/iPhone Apps: Installer is a mandatory app that allows any installation/upgrade/un-installation of applications. This is similar to a Package Manager by which you can new packages as you get them. Summerboard deals with the themes and desktops for your phones, it enables to have multiple pages with application icons. It has various themes/skins from [...]

Make Money Online

Does the topic sound like one of those junk mails that you receive? No wonder at a first glance it may look fishy and get neglected..but the fact is people are making money online! Many use Internet for online information and majority of us go to Internet just to make money!! That attitude is promoting [...]

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