Monthly Archives: January 2008

Enterprise Mobile

Enterprise Mobile’s demand should rise this year, given the fact that companies are cautiously planning for strategies to exploit this. There has been lot of analysis on this area and lets see what they have to say. It seems that the success of this depends on factors like company’s size, complexity and applications that are [...]

Mobile Technology – A peek on the latest

Mobile YouTube  – Finally its here! YouTube launched after a several years of discussion. The site will have all content and functionality available on mobile phones. Users can also upload mobile video through this site. Looks like there would be a Java version for Nokia and SonyEricsson phones soon. Check out MocoNews Mobile Web [...]

Cool Mobile Apps

Below are the latest 10 mobile apps that one should definitely check out as shared by one of the guest posts in digital lifestyle news. MShopper – Mobile phone app that lets you quickly find the best bargain deals for any product from your cell phone. It’s free, fast, convenient, and can be accessed while [...]

Mobile Tit-Bits

Mobile Linux outfit a la mobile gave the first demo of apps on Google’s Android platform that included browser, calendar, games and contacts. They used a HTC Qtek 9090 handset. Pauline Lo Alker, CEO of a la Mobile remarked “It’s not an off the shelf complete software stack,” quite contradictory to Google’s claim. She added [...]

Entangled in WEB?

Are we better off in using the internet or web? It’s a question that needs pondering. May be we are skilled at searching but are we equally good in processing the stuff that we searched? Well, we have a University College London study that researches on this topic. According to this, the libraries and educational [...]

Macworld conference

The digital lifestyle news was dominated by Macworld conference details recently. The keynote delivered from Steve Jobs listed new products/updates like Macbook Air – Neat stuff there! Engadget, Crunchgear, Twitter updates etc. Other items in Macworld are: AppleTV to be opened up to third-party developers Unlimited internet viewing option by Netflix Google unveils new, slicker, [...]

LBS – Laid Back Service?

Need “instant” developers on any technology?? Just announce for a competition with enormous cash price!! After Google, now its Navteq’s turn to draw attention of developers by opening a Global LBS challenge. This was not opened to all and there were around 115 developers who contested. Interestingly, most of the apps struck the similar chords [...]

Google Adsense Agenda

How it works? Any online user who has a website can sign up for an account. After a few days, Google sends a small snippet of code that has to be included in the web pages.Google then will start placing relevant ads as per site content in the web site. When other users visit the [...]

Yahoo’s Turn

Yahoo has invited all developers for its mobile platform to build a robust set of apps and services by emphasizing on mobile widgets. These widgets or mini apps can be published across a wide range of devices. In the words of JerryYang Yahoo’s COE  “Yahoo is trying to reinvent itself as a social service, and [...]

Friendster, Way to go!

In open spectrum world, now it’s the turn of Friendster to launch its developer program public with 180 apps allowing more than 56 million global users to add, discover, use these apps on and off in the site. These apps are called widgets and are integrated with its user experience by developers leveraging from Friendster’s [...]

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