Monthly Archives: February 2008

Mobile innovations at its best

Computers can be controlled via the bluetooth provided in most of the Sony Ericsson mobile phones. To exploit this one has to load customer profiles to the phone that allows performing more than some basic functions like handling presentations etc. possible through the standard profiles. H1bakusha has created some profiles for different apps – like [...]

Rich Mobile Apps – Where is it heading?

Mobile World Congress was held in Barcelona and had lot of interesting observations. The difference in mobile site and a web site is yet to be conquered! Though mobile apps give opportunities in terms of fast response time, innovation on mobile GUI and integration with developer community are yet to be addressed. Survey results on [...]

Revenue from social-networks?

Monetizing social networking space has been a challenge so far! Google had lower than expected earnings due to this. Google has been running a lot experiments based on format and placement of ads. No wonder why monetizing MySpace could be difficult, as a vast part of the audience is Internet marketers, their likes, and kids. [...]

Other modes of making money

V2P Communications, based out of San Diego is offering 5-8 seconds of audio ads in program called ppp.This will automatically play when a visitor lands on any site. V2P lines up advertisers who bid on rates that they will pay to get their ads played on a blog/web site. Bids start around $14 per 1000 [...]


Jaiku was created in February 2006 and the name came up from Japanese haikus as they resemble their posts. Jaiku is written in Twisted – a Python based framework and it is compatible with Nokia devices.Jaiku wins over Twitter mainly because of Lifestream, an Internet feed that shares users online activities utilizing other programs such [...]

Technology in Education

Recently a report said that education as such would have a high impact due to mobile broadband, mashups, collective intelligence, social operating systems and other collaborative technologies. Soon, we would see the use of user-generated video created on inexpensive consumer electronics devices. They can be edited and encoded using inexpensive NLEs. Collaborative technologies are already [...]

Adsense Key Words

Page Impressions – Visits to your site. This depends on the traffic that your site can generateCost Per Click – Click on the ads in your site. This links up with the content as your site attracts relevant ads. The keywords that you use are also very significant. Tools like Google adwords that says what [...]

Mobile Ads

A Reuters report on speech by Eric Schmidt says that the next big thing will be mobile web advertising. This will almost touch $1 Billion by 2012. Google CEO says it would be much more than that. As soon as the sites get optimized for mobile phones, ads would find their way as well. Adsense [...]

More traffic More money!

TextLinkEasy – If you get a thought of making money online, then the next immediate thought would be how to increase traffic to your site. There are many ways to get exposure by advertisements that can be links or private/PPC(Pay-Per-Click). Directories and links from search engines are other mechanisms.The main idea of TextLinkEasy is to [...]

Motorola’s rollable mobile phone

Another breakthrough in user interface system as such! This describes a concept of mobile phone with rollable display and/or keyboard. Well, there are already few of these gadgets on the market and the problem is that flexible is by definition not rigid. Motorola has found the way around this little problem, by using a reservoir [...]

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