Monthly Archives: March 2008

Android’s Status

The evident challenges haunting Android SDK are security, incompatibility among carriers, carriers opening to third party apps and lastly being open source, it may spawn to multiple versions!Well, Google’s Android team is not really bothered about these challenges. One of the developers from Google tackled the incompatibility issue by saying that any holders of the [...]

Apple’s SDK way

Apple has released its beta version of iPhone 2.0 software that includes software development kit (SDK) and enterprise features like Cisco IPSec VPN access for private corporate networks and ActiveSync with MS Exchange. This opens up the arena to develop creative mobile apps in iPhone and iPod using the rich API provided by the SDK [...]

Mobile Apps – Native or Web?

Google encourages local native apps for phones through Google Mail, Maps, docs etc. And recently they gave a quicker search app to Nokia handsets. The big A – Android is also on these lines allowing developer to go gaga over writing all kind of apps! Android may not give a UI as good as iPhone, [...]

Tools for Mobile app development

Web 2.0 – A Webkit for mobile application development is underway from Trolltech, a provider of software development platforms! QT, Trolltech’s development platform would soon be integrated with Webkit that is a web browser technology used by Nokia, Google and Apple. This allows developers to build apps on HTML and C++.  HTML saves a lot [...]

Andorid’s XMPP service

Google’s stand on no full support for XMPP created a chaos among Android developers as most of them were already building peer to peer messaging services etc. Earlier versions of SDK had an implementation of XMPP and later it was replaced by GTalk service. Infact, Google needed these for their own apps and just exposed [...]

Flash Vs No Flash

Traditional desktop apps are being challenged by new Flash and Flex based web apps mainly because these apps work cross-platform and supported by runtimes in different browsers and OS. The database Blist, the widget maker Sprout, and the photo manager Joggle are all web apps that give up nothing to run inside a browser. Flash [...]

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