Android – Need to buck up

Is Android sailing through iPhone’s hype? Not that good news from Android commuity – delayed shipment of phones, buggy softwares, partial treatment to top 50 finalists by giving the updated SDKs only to them, only one from the top 50 is a gaming app and developers are having a good time working on apps for iPhone and iPod touch!!

All that said, still Android has the biggest support from mobile networks and mobile handsets(LG, Motorola etc) unlike iPhone whose supporter is AT&T. It will have all Google products just out of the box like Google maps, Google Earth and the latest phone’s compass on maps.On that note, Symbian recently announced a collaborative effort with Google at the operating system level. Symbian is moving towards the open access policy and it currently uses a lot of Google apps including their search engines. This would be a strategy from Symbian to meet the competition from Linux based and Windows Mobile OS. Nokia holding 47.9% of Symbian is a biggest supporter and is ready to make it software available to other phones for building an open source platform.

iPhone prohibits internet capabilities, VoIP etc due to security reasons whereas Android has no limitation. Usually phones are locked by network provider, but not in the case of Android. Downloading one’s own unlocked OS would hit the convention of today’s network providers.

Android and iPhone’s OS X are on head-on collision! One just has to wait for Android phone and with China as a market, one never knows!

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  1. This article sounds well, but how everything is related together?

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