iPhone – Big hit?

3G version of iPhone is definitely far exceeding the expectations than the earlier one with its GPS capability and strong batteries. Apple’s app store helps users to add all third party software and they get to choose from n+ options to download what they want! Customizing the phone to one’s needs is a game changer. Also it’s open to the developers outside to give their best apps.

Currently on the social networking side, Facebook client for iPhone has got a good hit. Still, Myspace and Facebook did not leverage the “locating” functionality of iPhone due to security issues. Another challenge to them will be the sudden surge of users. The ESPN Mobile web app gives real scores and is another prominent app.

Other news in this area is the app released in App store by Blueplulse, a privately held mobile social media company. This gives clean integration of Bluepulse friends with iPhone address book and easy photo uploading. More upcoming features would include Bluepulse status to appear automatically in Twitter (micro blogging service), location awareness and mobile broadcasting of text, photo/videos. Bluepulse is available for free in the Social Networking category of Apple’s iTunes store.

WHERE, used for local search is one of the top 20 downloads. The other piece is the variety of games to play in iPhone. Within a week of App store release, seven of the top ten paid apps and three of the top ten free apps are games! The inventory line of games is really exciting with contributions from Vivendi and Saga. Apple is scrutinizing all apps and launching them based on users’ likings.

With 7 millions phones sold already and having heaviest consumers of mobile data through iPhone in Europe, its well on its way to success!

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