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installous outdated version error

As usual, I tried using installous was shocked to find an error that said “outdated version” and the app quit! Following events lead me to know that the servers closed down! now says: Goodnight, sweet prince. We are very sad to announce that Hackulous is shutting down. After many years, our community has [...]

Apple iAd Producer, an Adobe Flash killer?

With iAd Producer released, Apple’s getting into mobile ads to better already existing Quattro and Google’s AdMob. Apple promises high quality, valuable experiences thats interesting, and above all non-intrusive. Steve Jobs described that the iAds to be using HTML5 standards, instead of proprietary binaries like Adobe’s Flash and Microsoft’s Silverlight. This provides advanced JavaScript editing [...]

Free iPhone Apps

Free iPhone Apps only for jailbroken phones Must have Cydia installed 1)add Hackulous repository Cydia > Manage>Sources>Edit>Add, 2)enter the link 3)Download and install Installous App from Cydia >manage>Packages 4)Find Installous on your Spring Board, use it to find freeapps!

3D on iphone!

Well Apple might take time to release 3D on iphone, but Spatial View has come up with an accessory that can give 3D on iphone without glasses. All you need is to buy the thin accessory for your iphone, to make your phone 3D ready!

iphone 4

This June will mark another milestone for Apple with its new iPhone4 release. iPhone4 claims use A4 processor developed by Intrinsity, which was acquired by Apple during April this year. You may remember that the A4 processor was used for iPad. The phone will have ultra sharp display better than its predecessors, with two cameras, [...]

iPhone – Big hit?

3G version of iPhone is definitely far exceeding the expectations than the earlier one with its GPS capability and strong batteries. Apple’s app store helps users to add all third party software and they get to choose from n+ options to download what they want! Customizing the phone to one’s needs is a game changer. [...]

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