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Apple iAd Producer, an Adobe Flash killer?

With iAd Producer released, Apple’s getting into mobile ads to better already existing Quattro and Google’s AdMob. Apple promises high quality, valuable experiences thats interesting, and above all non-intrusive. Steve Jobs described that the iAds to be using HTML5 standards, instead of proprietary binaries like Adobe’s Flash and Microsoft’s Silverlight. This provides advanced JavaScript editing [...]

Free iPhone Apps

Free iPhone Apps only for jailbroken phones Must have Cydia installed 1)add Hackulous repository Cydia > Manage>Sources>Edit>Add, 2)enter the link 3)Download and install Installous App from Cydia >manage>Packages 4)Find Installous on your Spring Board, use it to find freeapps!

Truth behind Google Voice app and Android Skype app rejections

Why would Apple reject Google voice? Google Voice app is yet to be approved by Apple because, the app seems to override iPhone’s user interface for telephone calls with its own. The voice mail and SMS specific to Google Voice App are handled by Google interface replacing iPone’s. Also iPhone’s user contact database is transferred [...]

Android’s Status

The evident challenges haunting Android SDK are security, incompatibility among carriers, carriers opening to third party apps and lastly being open source, it may spawn to multiple versions!Well, Google’s Android team is not really bothered about these challenges. One of the developers from Google tackled the incompatibility issue by saying that any holders of the [...]

Mobile Apps – Native or Web?

Google encourages local native apps for phones through Google Mail, Maps, docs etc. And recently they gave a quicker search app to Nokia handsets. The big A – Android is also on these lines allowing developer to go gaga over writing all kind of apps! Android may not give a UI as good as iPhone, [...]

Tools for Mobile app development

Web 2.0 – A Webkit for mobile application development is underway from Trolltech, a provider of software development platforms! QT, Trolltech’s development platform would soon be integrated with Webkit that is a web browser technology used by Nokia, Google and Apple. This allows developers to build apps on HTML and C++.  HTML saves a lot [...]

Rich Mobile Apps – Where is it heading?

Mobile World Congress was held in Barcelona and had lot of interesting observations. The difference in mobile site and a web site is yet to be conquered! Though mobile apps give opportunities in terms of fast response time, innovation on mobile GUI and integration with developer community are yet to be addressed. Survey results on [...]


Jaiku was created in February 2006 and the name came up from Japanese haikus as they resemble their posts. Jaiku is written in Twisted – a Python based framework and it is compatible with Nokia devices.Jaiku wins over Twitter mainly because of Lifestream, an Internet feed that shares users online activities utilizing other programs such [...]

Mobile Ads

A Reuters report on speech by Eric Schmidt says that the next big thing will be mobile web advertising. This will almost touch $1 Billion by 2012. Google CEO says it would be much more than that. As soon as the sites get optimized for mobile phones, ads would find their way as well. Adsense [...]

More Mobile Apps

Qik is a app for mobile phone with unlimited mobile data and gives freedom to stream anywhere unlike ShoZu app with Wi-Fi. Qik is alpha release and the quality is good. It works at 320X240 over EDGE for short videos. Over 3G it should be really fast at 640X480. Currently this is available on Nokia [...]

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