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Apple iAd Producer, an Adobe Flash killer?

With iAd Producer released, Apple’s getting into mobile ads to better already existing Quattro and Google’s AdMob. Apple promises high quality, valuable experiences thats interesting, and above all non-intrusive. Steve Jobs described that the iAds to be using HTML5 standards, instead of proprietary binaries like Adobe’s Flash and Microsoft’s Silverlight. This provides advanced JavaScript editing [...]

3D on iphone!

Well Apple might take time to release 3D on iphone, but Spatial View has come up with an accessory that can give 3D on iphone without glasses. All you need is to buy the thin accessory for your iphone, to make your phone 3D ready!

iphone 4

This June will mark another milestone for Apple with its new iPhone4 release. iPhone4 claims use A4 processor developed by Intrinsity, which was acquired by Apple during April this year. You may remember that the A4 processor was used for iPad. The phone will have ultra sharp display better than its predecessors, with two cameras, [...]

What it is with Chrome OS and Android OS?

Chrome OS will be browser based, enabling online programs only. It will need an internet connection to operate. With the release date set to Christmas 2010, to be initially available only for net books that would enable users to access all the usual online apps. The user data will be in the cloud on the [...]

‘A’ for Android

One critical factor for a mobile phone to be successful is definitely the apps launched and supported by it.  That’s the reason open source like android stirs the imagination of app developers to give the best to consumers. The apps of Google are definitely great and easy to use. The OS also guarantees the shift [...]

Android – Need to buck up

Is Android sailing through iPhone’s hype? Not that good news from Android commuity – delayed shipment of phones, buggy softwares, partial treatment to top 50 finalists by giving the updated SDKs only to them, only one from the top 50 is a gaming app and developers are having a good time working on apps for [...]

iPhone – Big hit?

3G version of iPhone is definitely far exceeding the expectations than the earlier one with its GPS capability and strong batteries. Apple’s app store helps users to add all third party software and they get to choose from n+ options to download what they want! Customizing the phone to one’s needs is a game changer. [...]

Mobile Internet

In general, experts have predicted it would take 3 to 4 years for a boom in this space! There are many reasons like the mobile operators using closed technology, their monopoly, screen size, data protection and others limiting this growth. We are not very far from it as on the contrary, Japan has declared that [...]

Android’s Status

The evident challenges haunting Android SDK are security, incompatibility among carriers, carriers opening to third party apps and lastly being open source, it may spawn to multiple versions!Well, Google’s Android team is not really bothered about these challenges. One of the developers from Google tackled the incompatibility issue by saying that any holders of the [...]

Apple’s SDK way

Apple has released its beta version of iPhone 2.0 software that includes software development kit (SDK) and enterprise features like Cisco IPSec VPN access for private corporate networks and ActiveSync with MS Exchange. This opens up the arena to develop creative mobile apps in iPhone and iPod using the rich API provided by the SDK [...]

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