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iphone 4

This June will mark another milestone for Apple with its new iPhone4 release. iPhone4 claims use A4 processor developed by Intrinsity, which was acquired by Apple during April this year. You may remember that the A4 processor was used for iPad. The phone will have ultra sharp display better than its predecessors, with two cameras, [...]

Macworld conference

The digital lifestyle news was dominated by Macworld conference details recently. The keynote delivered from Steve Jobs listed new products/updates like Macbook Air – Neat stuff there! Engadget, Crunchgear, Twitter updates etc. Other items in Macworld are: AppleTV to be opened up to third-party developers Unlimited internet viewing option by Netflix Google unveils new, slicker, [...]

LBS – Laid Back Service?

Need “instant” developers on any technology?? Just announce for a competition with enormous cash price!! After Google, now its Navteq’s turn to draw attention of developers by opening a Global LBS challenge. This was not opened to all and there were around 115 developers who contested. Interestingly, most of the apps struck the similar chords [...]

Friendster, Way to go!

In open spectrum world, now it’s the turn of Friendster to launch its developer program public with 180 apps allowing more than 56 million global users to add, discover, use these apps on and off in the site. These apps are called widgets and are integrated with its user experience by developers leveraging from Friendster’s [...]

Google and SYS-CON’s double bonanza

Sys-con has always been a forerunner in software development with all it’s online and offline resources and the announcement of the launch of “Google Developer’s Journal” and “Google Developer Summit” is no surprise. The first summit will be held in New York on 21-22, April 2008. The event will have discussions on the impact Google’s [...]

Gadgets Gala

Google Gadgets are mini applications built using HTML, Javascript(JS), Flash or Silverlight for dynamic behaviors. To know more about this you can hit  Google Gadgets API. This has a lot of exciting features that can be exploited to make your web site look good. Google Gadgets API can be used as a proxy for some [...]

Software Infrastructure Trends

For a long time now, there was difference in web applications and desktop/mobile applications. This difference is diminishing and becoming the same thing. This would require the developers to stop being conscious of platform differences. The end users are not bothered about the syntax and they just need a simple app to use. The vision [...]

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