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Jim Henson’s 75th birthday! Google celebrates

Puppetry Google, you can play around with! How? Its the sprite texture atlas: For background, The characters, google is cool eh?

Flash Vs No Flash

Traditional desktop apps are being challenged by new Flash and Flex based web apps mainly because these apps work cross-platform and supported by runtimes in different browsers and OS. The database Blist, the widget maker Sprout, and the photo manager Joggle are all web apps that give up nothing to run inside a browser. Flash [...]

Revenue from social-networks?

Monetizing social networking space has been a challenge so far! Google had lower than expected earnings due to this. Google has been running a lot experiments based on format and placement of ads. No wonder why monetizing MySpace could be difficult, as a vast part of the audience is Internet marketers, their likes, and kids. [...]

Technology in Education

Recently a report said that education as such would have a high impact due to mobile broadband, mashups, collective intelligence, social operating systems and other collaborative technologies. Soon, we would see the use of user-generated video created on inexpensive consumer electronics devices. They can be edited and encoded using inexpensive NLEs. Collaborative technologies are already [...]

Usability in web

More than the content, the design of how the content is presented plays a significant role in web. Today, we are in the era of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) and we have options of typical Java /.Net solutions or AJAX, Spring, Silverlight and JavaFX based apps. Web2.0 is another sought after technology and will happen [...]

Entangled in WEB?

Are we better off in using the internet or web? It’s a question that needs pondering. May be we are skilled at searching but are we equally good in processing the stuff that we searched? Well, we have a University College London study that researches on this topic. According to this, the libraries and educational [...]

Friendster, Way to go!

In open spectrum world, now it’s the turn of Friendster to launch its developer program public with 180 apps allowing more than 56 million global users to add, discover, use these apps on and off in the site. These apps are called widgets and are integrated with its user experience by developers leveraging from Friendster’s [...]

Google Web toolkit (GWT)

Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is an open source Java software development framework that makes writing AJAX applications like Google Maps and Gmail easy for developers. Writing dynamic web applications today is a tedious and error-prone process; one spends 90% of the time working around subtle incompatibilities between web browsers and platforms. JavaScript’s lack of modularity [...]

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