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Making money online – Mixed views

There are two fold views about making money online! Lot of success stories are floating in blogs about how a person made a substantial amount using ad sense, ad words and internet marketing. One such story is about the launch of High Octane Marketing (RoadTo100k.com) that will run through joint ventures and affiliate marketing. This [...]

Revenue from social-networks?

Monetizing social networking space has been a challenge so far! Google had lower than expected earnings due to this. Google has been running a lot experiments based on format and placement of ads. No wonder why monetizing MySpace could be difficult, as a vast part of the audience is Internet marketers, their likes, and kids. [...]

Mobile Ads

A Reuters report on speech by Eric Schmidt says that the next big thing will be mobile web advertising. This will almost touch $1 Billion by 2012. Google CEO says it would be much more than that. As soon as the sites get optimized for mobile phones, ads would find their way as well. Adsense [...]

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