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Adsense Key Words

Page Impressions – Visits to your site. This depends on the traffic that your site can generateCost Per Click – Click on the ads in your site. This links up with the content as your site attracts relevant ads. The keywords that you use are also very significant. Tools like Google adwords that says what [...]

Mobile Ads

A Reuters report on speech by Eric Schmidt says that the next big thing will be mobile web advertising. This will almost touch $1 Billion by 2012. Google CEO says it would be much more than that. As soon as the sites get optimized for mobile phones, ads would find their way as well. Adsense [...]

How to make money online?

Think and act smart! Substantial effort is needed to really tap the potential of web to make money. First of all, you need to have a web site for yourself. Lets start from there, how to create a site? Step 1 Blogger – Go to blogger.com and create a blogspot for yourself. It gives the [...]

Google Adsense Agenda

How it works? Any online user who has a website can sign up for an account. After a few days, Google sends a small snippet of code that has to be included in the web pages.Google then will start placing relevant ads as per site content in the web site. When other users visit the [...]

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