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Android – Need to buck up

Is Android sailing through iPhone’s hype? Not that good news from Android commuity – delayed shipment of phones, buggy softwares, partial treatment to top 50 finalists by giving the updated SDKs only to them, only one from the top 50 is a gaming app and developers are having a good time working on apps for [...]

Android’s Status

The evident challenges haunting Android SDK are security, incompatibility among carriers, carriers opening to third party apps and lastly being open source, it may spawn to multiple versions!Well, Google’s Android team is not really bothered about these challenges. One of the developers from Google tackled the incompatibility issue by saying that any holders of the [...]

Andorid’s XMPP service

Google’s stand on no full support for XMPP created a chaos among Android developers as most of them were already building peer to peer messaging services etc. Earlier versions of SDK had an implementation of XMPP and later it was replaced by GTalk service. Infact, Google needed these for their own apps and just exposed [...]

What’s up Nokia?

Nokia had acquired Trolltech, a Norwegian company whose main product is Qt. Qt is a multi platform GUI framework used in applications as KDE and Skype. Its a deal worth $153 million and would be finalized by June 2008. The fact Qt is an open source explains why Nokia made such a deal. Nokia plans [...]

Android Excitement

Android made a record break as the SDK was downloaded for more than 250K times within 2 months of its release. There are thousands of work-in-progress projects that use Android. One such interesting application is GridGrain, a mobile grid-computing app. In this the idea is to harness the idle computing power from the mobile phones [...]

OHA – ahead or an overhead?

The main difference between internet and mobile arena is, in the former you can deploy any app whereas in the later its closed. The cellular network censors the apps before releasing into mobile phones.This problem was actually quoted by John Rourke, GM of Mocrosoft Windows Mobile business who said that “It had taken Microsoft more [...]

Mobile Multimedia

According to a recent news release, PacketVideo (PV) – mobile multimedia software company made a solid progress in this area in 2007.That progress mainly came from mobile operators honing their established service offerings and improving end-user experience. Multimedia services are becoming highly sophisticated and feature-rich. In 2007, ease of use became critical for a service [...]

Will Android tick?

For any platform to tick, its security strategy should be strong. Incase of Android its meticulously done as each android package file installed on the device gets its own unique key – a Linux user id. This creates a sandbox for it and does not allow other apps to touch it. This id remains as [...]

Sybase signing up for Android

Sybase, Inc – a enterprise infrastructure and mobile software provider has announced its plans to expand the support on mobile platforms to include devices based on Android. Currently, Sybase hoards a wide range of devices/platforms, middleware, mobile services and supports versions of WM, Symbian, Palm, RIM and iPhone hand held devices. The reasons for Sybase [...]

Database for Android

Announcement of Android release has triggered a series of announcements and one latest among them is from db4objects. They announced that their database run smoothly on Android. db4o provides a fast and secure, native Java object database that makes it easy to store objects and share data between applications. As we know in Android, Java [...]

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