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Apple iAd Producer, an Adobe Flash killer?

With iAd Producer released, Apple’s getting into mobile ads to better already existing Quattro and Google’s AdMob. Apple promises high quality, valuable experiences thats interesting, and above all non-intrusive. Steve Jobs described that the iAds to be using HTML5 standards, instead of proprietary binaries like Adobe’s Flash and Microsoft’s Silverlight. This provides advanced JavaScript editing [...]

Apple’s SDK way

Apple has released its beta version of iPhone 2.0 software that includes software development kit (SDK) and enterprise features like Cisco IPSec VPN access for private corporate networks and ActiveSync with MS Exchange. This opens up the arena to develop creative mobile apps in iPhone and iPod using the rich API provided by the SDK [...]

Mobile Tit-Bits

Mobile Linux outfit a la mobile gave the first demo of apps on Google’s Android platform that included browser, calendar, games and contacts. They used a HTC Qtek 9090 handset. Pauline Lo Alker, CEO of a la Mobile remarked “It’s not an off the shelf complete software stack,” quite contradictory to Google’s claim. She added [...]

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