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Android’s Status

The evident challenges haunting Android SDK are security, incompatibility among carriers, carriers opening to third party apps and lastly being open source, it may spawn to multiple versions!Well, Google’s Android team is not really bothered about these challenges. One of the developers from Google tackled the incompatibility issue by saying that any holders of the [...]

Apple’s SDK way

Apple has released its beta version of iPhone 2.0 software that includes software development kit (SDK) and enterprise features like Cisco IPSec VPN access for private corporate networks and ActiveSync with MS Exchange. This opens up the arena to develop creative mobile apps in iPhone and iPod using the rich API provided by the SDK [...]

Flash Vs No Flash

Traditional desktop apps are being challenged by new Flash and Flex based web apps mainly because these apps work cross-platform and supported by runtimes in different browsers and OS. The database Blist, the widget maker Sprout, and the photo manager Joggle are all web apps that give up nothing to run inside a browser. Flash [...]

Rich Mobile Apps – Where is it heading?

Mobile World Congress was held in Barcelona and had lot of interesting observations. The difference in mobile site and a web site is yet to be conquered! Though mobile apps give opportunities in terms of fast response time, innovation on mobile GUI and integration with developer community are yet to be addressed. Survey results on [...]

Technology in Education

Recently a report said that education as such would have a high impact due to mobile broadband, mashups, collective intelligence, social operating systems and other collaborative technologies. Soon, we would see the use of user-generated video created on inexpensive consumer electronics devices. They can be edited and encoded using inexpensive NLEs. Collaborative technologies are already [...]

What’s up Nokia?

Nokia had acquired Trolltech, a Norwegian company whose main product is Qt. Qt is a multi platform GUI framework used in applications as KDE and Skype. Its a deal worth $153 million and would be finalized by June 2008. The fact Qt is an open source explains why Nokia made such a deal. Nokia plans [...]

Will Android tick?

For any platform to tick, its security strategy should be strong. Incase of Android its meticulously done as each android package file installed on the device gets its own unique key – a Linux user id. This creates a sandbox for it and does not allow other apps to touch it. This id remains as [...]

2008 Google Apps?

Google Sites will be the enhanced version on Google Page Creator already available within Apps Google Mobile Updater app that updates the various Google properties that now launches standalone apps too, for example a Google New icon Google Docs may have OCR capabilities to import graphical files and pdf. This may allow upload and download [...]

Social Networking Apps

Mobiles boost social networking; many are hooked to MySpace to get connected with their friends and business partners. One can get status updates and buddy profiles just like we receive emails or instant messages on cell phones. In fact we have location-based technologies to let users to keep tabs on friends living close by. Giants [...]

The Google Set-Top Box: Android TV!

Engineering team in Googleplex is perhaps on it already. Using Android seamlessly for mobile and TV is a possibility in the future. Alliance”? Andy Rubin and others on Google’s Android team used to work at WebTV and TV software startup Moxi Digital and Vincent Dureau, the head of Google’s TV technology team and the former [...]

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