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Apple iAd Producer, an Adobe Flash killer?

With iAd Producer released, Apple’s getting into mobile ads to better already existing Quattro and Google’s AdMob. Apple promises high quality, valuable experiences thats interesting, and above all non-intrusive. Steve Jobs described that the iAds to be using HTML5 standards, instead of proprietary binaries like Adobe’s Flash and Microsoft’s Silverlight. This provides advanced JavaScript editing [...]

Flash Vs No Flash

Traditional desktop apps are being challenged by new Flash and Flex based web apps mainly because these apps work cross-platform and supported by runtimes in different browsers and OS. The database Blist, the widget maker Sprout, and the photo manager Joggle are all web apps that give up nothing to run inside a browser. Flash [...]

Rich Mobile Apps – Where is it heading?

Mobile World Congress was held in Barcelona and had lot of interesting observations. The difference in mobile site and a web site is yet to be conquered! Though mobile apps give opportunities in terms of fast response time, innovation on mobile GUI and integration with developer community are yet to be addressed. Survey results on [...]

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