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Android – Need to buck up

Is Android sailing through iPhone’s hype? Not that good news from Android commuity – delayed shipment of phones, buggy softwares, partial treatment to top 50 finalists by giving the updated SDKs only to them, only one from the top 50 is a gaming app and developers are having a good time working on apps for [...]


Jaiku was created in February 2006 and the name came up from Japanese haikus as they resemble their posts. Jaiku is written in Twisted – a Python based framework and it is compatible with Nokia devices.Jaiku wins over Twitter mainly because of Lifestream, an Internet feed that shares users online activities utilizing other programs such [...]

700MHz Spectrum

This spectrum currently is being used for analog television broadcasts. A lot of bandwidth would get freed up once it moves to digital format. The spectrum would be an alternative to DSL or cable Internet providers as it travels easily and penetrate walls. Thus it will be very critical in wireless arena to provide high [...]

OHA – ahead or an overhead?

The main difference between internet and mobile arena is, in the former you can deploy any app whereas in the later its closed. The cellular network censors the apps before releasing into mobile phones.This problem was actually quoted by John Rourke, GM of Mocrosoft Windows Mobile business who said that “It had taken Microsoft more [...]

Mobile Multimedia

According to a recent news release, PacketVideo (PV) – mobile multimedia software company made a solid progress in this area in 2007.That progress mainly came from mobile operators honing their established service offerings and improving end-user experience. Multimedia services are becoming highly sophisticated and feature-rich. In 2007, ease of use became critical for a service [...]

Will Android tick?

For any platform to tick, its security strategy should be strong. Incase of Android its meticulously done as each android package file installed on the device gets its own unique key – a Linux user id. This creates a sandbox for it and does not allow other apps to touch it. This id remains as [...]

Boom in Newspaper Industry??

Recently, the Wall Street Journal website told shareholders that they would increase subscribers to online edition more than tenfold by scrapping its subscription model. The man behind this was Rupert Murdroch, who already has a history of newspaper industry revolution. This followed the announcement of purchase of Dow Jones by Mews Corp. The WSJ.com was [...]

2008 Google Apps?

Google Sites will be the enhanced version on Google Page Creator already available within Apps Google Mobile Updater app that updates the various Google properties that now launches standalone apps too, for example a Google New icon Google Docs may have OCR capabilities to import graphical files and pdf. This may allow upload and download [...]

Make Money Online

Does the topic sound like one of those junk mails that you receive? No wonder at a first glance it may look fishy and get neglected..but the fact is people are making money online! Many use Internet for online information and majority of us go to Internet just to make money!! That attitude is promoting [...]

More hands for Android

Already we have a broad alliance of leading technology and wireless companies joining together to announce the development of Android. The OHA is a collaboration of Google Inc., T-Mobile, HTC, Qualcomm and Motorola. Innovative Communications Technologies (ICT), a pioneer in the development and positioning of private telecommunications networks for businesses has announced the integration of [...]

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