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Android – Need to buck up

Is Android sailing through iPhone’s hype? Not that good news from Android commuity – delayed shipment of phones, buggy softwares, partial treatment to top 50 finalists by giving the updated SDKs only to them, only one from the top 50 is a gaming app and developers are having a good time working on apps for [...]

iPhone – Big hit?

3G version of iPhone is definitely far exceeding the expectations than the earlier one with its GPS capability and strong batteries. Apple’s app store helps users to add all third party software and they get to choose from n+ options to download what they want! Customizing the phone to one’s needs is a game changer. [...]

Apple’s SDK way

Apple has released its beta version of iPhone 2.0 software that includes software development kit (SDK) and enterprise features like Cisco IPSec VPN access for private corporate networks and ActiveSync with MS Exchange. This opens up the arena to develop creative mobile apps in iPhone and iPod using the rich API provided by the SDK [...]

Will Android tick?

For any platform to tick, its security strategy should be strong. Incase of Android its meticulously done as each android package file installed on the device gets its own unique key – a Linux user id. This creates a sandbox for it and does not allow other apps to touch it. This id remains as [...]

Zoom Board

Windows Mobile Apps focus on using finger for control rather than a stylus. In this series, the latest one is ZoomBoard . Vito Technology (known from AudioNotes, AstroNavigator, FunContact, etc.) released this. This is nothing but a keyboard with bigger letters. While typing, one gets a quick preview bubble popping up that shows a zoomed-up [...]


Accelerometer technology opens up a whole new area of potential mobile apps. The one in iphone can tell when you’re holding it vertically or horizontally, and change the screen from portrait to landscape mode accordingly. Nokia 5500 sports phone uses a 3D accelerometer for step counting, as well as a “tap gesture” function that lets [...]

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