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More Mobile Apps

Qik is a app for mobile phone with unlimited mobile data and gives freedom to stream anywhere unlike ShoZu app with Wi-Fi. Qik is alpha release and the quality is good. It works at 320X240 over EDGE for short videos. Over 3G it should be really fast at 640X480. Currently this is available on Nokia [...]

OHA – ahead or an overhead?

The main difference between internet and mobile arena is, in the former you can deploy any app whereas in the later its closed. The cellular network censors the apps before releasing into mobile phones.This problem was actually quoted by John Rourke, GM of Mocrosoft Windows Mobile business who said that “It had taken Microsoft more [...]

Cool Mobile Apps

Below are the latest 10 mobile apps that one should definitely check out as shared by one of the guest posts in digital lifestyle news. MShopper – Mobile phone app that lets you quickly find the best bargain deals for any product from your cell phone. It’s free, fast, convenient, and can be accessed while [...]

Zoom Board

Windows Mobile Apps focus on using finger for control rather than a stylus. In this series, the latest one is ZoomBoard . Vito Technology (known from AudioNotes, AstroNavigator, FunContact, etc.) released this. This is nothing but a keyboard with bigger letters. While typing, one gets a quick preview bubble popping up that shows a zoomed-up [...]


Accelerometer technology opens up a whole new area of potential mobile apps. The one in iphone can tell when you’re holding it vertically or horizontally, and change the screen from portrait to landscape mode accordingly. Nokia 5500 sports phone uses a 3D accelerometer for step counting, as well as a “tap gesture” function that lets [...]

Mobile Ads

Multinational companies like P&G, Vicks, and Coca-Cola are experimenting on mobile apps that are useful to customers and relevant to their brand image rather than mobile ads. Mobile ads can be frustrating to users. Infact something like Blyk’s strategy i.e. free calls and SMS in exchange for 6 targeted ads per day is quite successful [...]

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