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Apple’s SDK way

Apple has released its beta version of iPhone 2.0 software that includes software development kit (SDK) and enterprise features like Cisco IPSec VPN access for private corporate networks and ActiveSync with MS Exchange. This opens up the arena to develop creative mobile apps in iPhone and iPod using the rich API provided by the SDK [...]

Mobile Apps – Native or Web?

Google encourages local native apps for phones through Google Mail, Maps, docs etc. And recently they gave a quicker search app to Nokia handsets. The big A – Android is also on these lines allowing developer to go gaga over writing all kind of apps! Android may not give a UI as good as iPhone, [...]

Tools for Mobile app development

Web 2.0 – A Webkit for mobile application development is underway from Trolltech, a provider of software development platforms! QT, Trolltech’s development platform would soon be integrated with Webkit that is a web browser technology used by Nokia, Google and Apple. This allows developers to build apps on HTML and C++.  HTML saves a lot [...]

Mobile innovations at its best

Computers can be controlled via the bluetooth provided in most of the Sony Ericsson mobile phones. To exploit this one has to load customer profiles to the phone that allows performing more than some basic functions like handling presentations etc. possible through the standard profiles. H1bakusha has created some profiles for different apps – like [...]

Rich Mobile Apps – Where is it heading?

Mobile World Congress was held in Barcelona and had lot of interesting observations. The difference in mobile site and a web site is yet to be conquered! Though mobile apps give opportunities in terms of fast response time, innovation on mobile GUI and integration with developer community are yet to be addressed. Survey results on [...]

Mobile Ads

A Reuters report on speech by Eric Schmidt says that the next big thing will be mobile web advertising. This will almost touch $1 Billion by 2012. Google CEO says it would be much more than that. As soon as the sites get optimized for mobile phones, ads would find their way as well. Adsense [...]

Motorola’s rollable mobile phone

Another breakthrough in user interface system as such! This describes a concept of mobile phone with rollable display and/or keyboard. Well, there are already few of these gadgets on the market and the problem is that flexible is by definition not rigid. Motorola has found the way around this little problem, by using a reservoir [...]

Enterprise Mobile

Enterprise Mobile’s demand should rise this year, given the fact that companies are cautiously planning for strategies to exploit this. There has been lot of analysis on this area and lets see what they have to say. It seems that the success of this depends on factors like company’s size, complexity and applications that are [...]

Yahoo’s Turn

Yahoo has invited all developers for its mobile platform to build a robust set of apps and services by emphasizing on mobile widgets. These widgets or mini apps can be published across a wide range of devices. In the words of JerryYang Yahoo’s COE  “Yahoo is trying to reinvent itself as a social service, and [...]

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